Pro D2 Highlights: Carcassonne vs Montauban

1 month ago by Ultimate Rugby

Full time Carcassonne 23 - 14 Montauban.  Carcassonne played well in the second half to come back from a half time score of  9 - 14 to win the match thanks to a try by Tuapati and from Ursache.They...

Pro D2 Weekend Round Up

1 month ago by Ultimate Rugby

  Colomiers   39-24   USON Nevers Vannes   24-27 Biarritz Olympique        Angouleme   36-34   Valance Romans Beziers  ...

Pro D2 Highlights: Montauban vs Valence

2 months ago by Ultimate Rugby

Dominators in the first period and jostled in the second, the Montauban players won without any real suspense: 30-3. The Montalbanais scored three tries, by Silago (14th), Van der Westhuizen (40th)...

Pro D2 Highlights: Béziers vs Montauban

3 months ago by Ultimate Rugby

Full time Beziers 28 - 25 Montauban. After a slow start in the first half, both teams came back fighting in an exciting second half. A close game with just 1 try being awarded to Beziers who...

PROD2 Highlights: Montauban v Biarritz

4 months ago by Ultimate Rugby

An extremely close game seeing Montauban taking the win 15-14, with 5 penalties, Biarritz scored one unconverted try and 3 penalties, throughout the match.

PROD2 Highlights: Oyonnax v Montauban

5 months ago by Ultimate Rugby

Us Oyonnax 29 has the victory by Montauban at the Stade Charles-Mathon staduim

PROD2 Highlights: Montauban v Vannes

5 months ago by Ultimate Rugby

A slow and low scoring match. First to put points on the board was Vannes with a penalty kick in the 11th minute while Mountauban missed one a few minutes later, a try was scored before the half was up...

PROD2 Highlights: Angoulême v Rouen

6 months ago by Ultimate Rugby

A very close game seeing Soyaux Angouleme taking the win 17 - 16.

PROD2 Highlights: Valence v Montauban

6 months ago by Ultimate Rugby

Valence Romans take the loss while Montauban are celebrating their 19-26 win. There were 2 Successful penalties and a yellow in the first 20 minutes of the match, all of them to Montauban. The rest of...

PROD2 Highlights: Montauban v Angoulême

7 months ago by Ultimate Rugby

What a game to watch between two sides going out to battle. The end score will definitely give a true reflection of the game as there was no clearly dominant team. 19 - 19 was the final score. Soyaux did...