François Joseph d. Sep 9

Carlos yeah it is not a pure French name but like many others :Strauss or Niel who bring their difference to Scotland Nakaitaci by his "Fijian" strength is a pure "product" of the French rugby formations and a proud represent of my country a bonne entendeur Salut!!!

Dominic Wilde Sep 9

Would never have needed the desperation play if we could score a 4 on 2 on the line without throwing the ball out of play, unforgivable.

Steven Crace Sep 9

I reckon Wayne Barnes Mrs pumped a Scotsman & gave her the best night of her life & he's never gotten over it.

Phil Sep 9

Disagree. Tight game. We could have drawn but chose not to for the right reasons.

Ad M. Sep 9

Still need to learn how to close a game

Dean Sep 9

Anyway we'll see yall in a few weeks when SA and Scotland play

Ad M. Sep 9

I get it though

Phil Sep 9

Good decision from Scotland at the end...very unlucky. Could have easily gone out way

Martin D. Sep 9

Agree Dean. Will make at least the QFs if we play like that at RWC.

Ad M. Sep 9

Hmm not sure like. Had a chance to not lose against France in France for the first time in over 10 years