Fergus O'Rourke Feb 2

Based on the Irish team that played yesterday, Wales will win the game n Cardiff. There were a lot of Irish regular players missing from that game yesterday. Very poor from Ireland.

John Esterhuizen Feb 2

well after the Irish performance yesterday wales will definitely beat them

Alan Blackman-Rogers Feb 2

Ireland will need bonus point wins in everything. England are likely to get a bonus point win against Italy and a win against Scotland. If Ireland do get 15 points in their teaming games than they’ll draw with England

Fergus O'Rourke Feb 2

This result makes this Six Nations very interesting from here. Ireland will need 2 win their games from here to stand a chance of winning the championship.

Ben Turner Feb 2

England need a BP in the last 2 matches - not impossible. Also wales will lose to Ireland so looking like a tight finish!

Daryl Burrowes Feb 2

Alun-Wyn is a hero, what a captain.

Michael Tucker Feb 2

As He had spoken rubbish since the Ireland match why cannot I now silence his rubbish?????????

Fergus O'Rourke Feb 2

Tony Still name calling is uncalled for. Brilliant game by both teams. Brilliant result 4 Wales.

Michael Tucker Feb 2

That’s not the point Fergus has been talking **** since we beat Ireland. I have not said anything so now I’m expressing my opinion

Tony Still Feb 2

Fergus comments on all the games. Bit of a muppet tbh.
Well done Wales