ŁukaszSzpyrka Jun 6

What a great game!

Davide Poggi Jul 7

giocare 14 contro 15 contro i Lions è dura... Infatti la serie è sul 1-1

Marko Evans Jul 7

same as last week

Stephen O'Neill Jul 7

Nice one. I was worried about ***-for-tat citings and was worried that SOB was in the firing line. He was brilliant yesterday, doing his own job and looking after the 10-12 channel aswell.

Rory Carr Jul 7


munsterleinster Jul 7

any decision on SOB citing

Stephen O'Neill Jul 7

Hi Sean, hope you are well. Tough week for Munster Rugby supporters.
'"Fuming" ??????????????
I never blamed Gatland for the Bod decision because I know all Warren wants is to win. I was terribly disappointed however.

Stephen O'Neill Jul 7

LouS.... you'll easily find all the games in full or highlights on YouTube.

Alistair King Jul 7

not sure why this was a yellow card. Barret was clearly lying in the wrong side of the ruck. simply trying to clear out the player.

Jackson Jul 7

It's on Sky Sports mate !