George Stocker Jul 7

Good match and decision was correct if a offside player cannot help but touch the ball ie it was thrown or deflected directly at them then accidentally off side and result is scrum

Dan Jul 7

This to be decided in 12 years time...

Salvatore Jul 7

What an anti climax

Tipple Jim Jul 7

Itoje was MOTSeries and possibly MOTM. Davies superb but not in the 1-10 axis which is where the work is done. Gats did what was needed, a draw was a superb outcome for the Lions. The penalty at the end was correctly overturned, the rule book does not define accidental and let's be honest the Lions hooker found the ball in his hands - nothing deliberate. All told the AB's deserve to be disappointed as they had more chances today but the tour was extraordinary for rugby globally. Hats off to everyone for the Ultimate Rugby opinions & comments!!

Ben Thomas Jul 7

Patrick, and what the ref said scrum so it was a scrum deal with it

Patrick L. Jul 7

The law that governs ‘offside after a knock on’ states: ‘When a player knocks-on and an offside teammate next plays the ball, the offside player is liable to sanction if playing the ball prevented an opponent from gaining an advantage.’
The sanction is a penalty.

Max Dobson Jul 7

🇳🇿🇮🇪❤️❤️ nz and irish/British so I have mixed feelings about this series, happy that neither the ABS or BILS lost, and shared the spoils.

Chris Whooley Jul 7

what a load of shite

Aled Jul 7

I'll take draw🤘

Ernst Kotze Jul 7

johnnie m hnp n hom :) bonn vOor nabhjjjy th in n bbc okv