Isaac Jul 7

You don't artificially create a result in a Test series. A draw is a draw.

Ernst Kotze Jul 7

i ni+t.n+ net v ioop

Jackson Jul 7

Leinster exile - there is no difference there because both teams are **** ! - only joking.

Miki Jul 7

Gonna miss the series, loved every game....đŸ’ƒđŸ»

Noel Igoe Jul 7

There should be a decider on tries scored either within the game or across the test matches. Or 20mins Sudden death - on pitch players to remain on! On balance - I'd say the ABs deserved the series - the SBW send off resulting in a series leveller and this draw makes it a moot point - bit of an anticlimax.

Leinster Exile. Jul 7

Jackson: If you want to see the difference between Rugby and football go to a Reading home game and then a London Irish game in the same stadium. More police for the football, more rules on alcohol, etc.
And Reading football supporters are great!

Leinster Exile. Jul 7

Great hame, but I'd have expected NZ to have won that all things considered. To scrape a draw at home is not good!

Jackson Jul 7

Good game and tbh Lions got out of jail with accidental offside at the end. On sky sports a little while ago there were Football and Rugby ex -players talking about what each sport can learn from each other. One footie 'legend' (Robbie savage) said he wanted to see segregated fans !!! Robbie we have **** all to learn from football. Respect is the key word.

DiarmĂșid O'FoghlĂș Jul 7

there is no official motm for lions tour games. unofficals will be picked by different news groups but dont count. players of the tour will be picked later.

Jim U. Jul 7

Classy show of respect from both captains - brutally fought then settle with a handshake - old school - loved it.