TOP14 To Adopt Marquee System And Adjust Salary Cap

TOP14 To Adopt Marquee System And Adjust Salary Cap

English clubs have recently agreed to drop their current salary cap from the 2021/22 season from £6.4 million to £5 million down with France likely to follow suit.

However, while the English clubs have decided to drop the 'marquee' system that allowed for two player's salaries to not count towards the cap to just one from 2022/23, the French clubs look set to adopt the system with one marquee player afforded to each club.

According to a report by Midi Olympique, the adjustments to the French salary cap could come into place as soon as the 2021/22 season. This would see the salary cap lowered from 11.3 million euros to 9.3 million euros with the marquee player offsetting the drop in the overall salary cap.

The marquee system has been criticised for inflating other player salaries but the Bordeaux-Bègles Union's Laurent Marti has revealed that the reform has received almost unanimous support from all the professional clubs from the Top 14 and Pro D2.

"We are still only at the negotiation stage" a club president told Midi Olympique on Wednesday .

"But the project is taking shape, for sure." the president added

While the new regulations are set to be decided on, Montpellier are currently being investigated for breaching the salary cap with disguised payments with Johan Goosen reportedly being paid by the club while he was retired and under contract at Racing 92.

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