Top 5 point scores from the Mitre 10 Cup last week

Top 5 point scores from the Mitre 10 Cup last week

Jordie Barrett (17 points for Canterbury)

Barret's 4 conversions and 3 kicks have secured his place as one of the most consistant players throughout the Mitre 10 Cup.

His powerful performance has garnered him 17 points, adding to Canterbury's 47-18 win over North Harbour.

Marty McKenzie (17 Points for Taranaki)

Taranaki's 31-54 win over wellington on Sunday showcased some great skills from a number of players.

McKenzie was the leading man for the winning team, contributing 17 points for Taranaki.

Antonio Kiri Kiri (20 points for Manawatu)

Kiri Kiri's presence around the field was not limited last week Wednesday, scoring 4 tries, the most of any player in the Mitre 10 Cup last week.

In doing so, he bagged his 20 points into Manawatu's 50-28 win against the shaken Wellington.

Jordan Trainor (21 points for Waikato)

Waikato's tight setup resulted in a 46-22 victory over Hawkes Bay on Saturday, more especially Trainor's 21 points from 5 conversions, a try and 2 kicks.

He is evidently one of the valuable players Waikato has captured in the last 2 years.

Marty Banks (26 points for Tasman Makos)

A prolific goal-kicker, it was no doubt that Banks' foot will standout again last weekend, kicking 6 goals, the most of any player from the Mitre 10 Cup last weekend.

Add his 4 conversions to his 6 impressive kicks, Banks leads the list with 26 points, contributing to Tasman Makos' 31-49 victory over Auckland.

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