Part of Clermont Auvergne training center burns down.

Part of Clermont Auvergne training center burns down.
A fire broke out at the training base of Clermont.
The combat room and a good part of the weight room are nothing more than a pile of ashes. The fire was brought under control during the night from Saturday to Sunday by the firefighters of the city of Clermont-Ferrand left behind terrible damage, the first assessments of which are quite pessimistic as to a return within a short time to the CEP, envisaged yesterday morning during of a first crisis meeting. The club could thus review its plans for the medium term. 

There is nothing or not much left of the Yellow and Blue training room after the fire which ravaged the premises last weekend. Two days later, the findings are terrible. Nothing remains of the Dojo, the ceiling of the weight room has collapsed and soot has deposited in all the rooms of the training center.

The procedure now consists of analyzing the damage before being able to plan for a possible return to the Montferrand players' training location.

Thus the “temporary” situation put in place by alternating the two Michelin sites (for the rugby part) and the “Gravanches” part (for bodybuilding, meetings and catering) could not be tenable in the time necessary for return. at the CEP. “Other solutions are already being studied, in situ, in order to find other opportunities at the end of the season which are in line with our constraints and the level of requirements demanded by the athlete. Decisions should therefore be made in the coming days.

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