Wallaroos name side for Rugby World Cup Quarter Final against England

Wallaroos name side for Rugby World Cup Quarter Final against England

Wallaroos head coach Jay Tregonning has named his side for the Rugby World Cup Quarter Final against England this Sunday at Waitakere Stadium in Auckland.


Tregonning has called-up a fresh face at scrum-half, with Layne Morgan named in the starting XV alongside Arabella McKenzie at fly-half - veteran Iliseva Batibasaga reverts to the reserves as the finishing scrum-half.


Lori Cramer has shifted from fullback to winger, while Pauline Piliae-Rasabale has moved into the starting line-up and returns to the fullback position.


Aussie Sevens stars Sharni Williams and Bienne Terita join Georgina Friedrichs to round out the backline.


After a stellar performance against Wales last week, Player of the Match Grace Hamilton will resume at number 8, at the back of an unchanged forward pack featuring flankers Emily Chancellor and captain Shannon Parry, plus Brumbies locks Michaela Leonard and Grace Kemp.


The starting front row will see Liz Patu at loose-head and Bridie O’Gorman at tight-head, either side of starting hooker Adiana Talakai.


“The Wallaroos have earned the right to be in this Quarter Final,” Shannon Parry said.


“We’re here because of the sacrifices we’ve made, the hard work we’ve put in, and the support from the Wallaroos staff and families.


“It’s an honour to be able to compete against one of the best teams in the world.


“We don’t often get a chance to play against the Northern Hemisphere sides – it’s a completely different style of rugby – and it’s been invaluable experience for the squad.


“We’re here to win this quarter final; we’re not backing away from the challenge, and I am sure we’ll feel the support coming from the other side of the ditch.”


Tregonning has brought Mahalia Murphy and Cecilia Smith onto the bench for the first time during the Rugby World Cup.


“I’m proud of how our players have developed during our time at the Rugby World Cup,” said the coach.


“Every week, I see improvements, I see players push themselves harder, and their determination grow.


“Our mindset is the same as it was for the opening game – there is no pressure on us, the pressure is on England to perform.”


Wallaroos team to play England at Waitakere Stadium, Auckland, on Sunday 30 October.

  1. Liz Patu – Queensland Reds
  2. Adiana Talakai – New South Wales Waratahs
  3. Bridie O’Gorman – New South Wales Waratahs
  4. Michaela Leonard – ACT Brumbies
  5. Grace Kemp - ACT Brumbies
  6. Emily Chancellor – New South Wales Waratahs
  7. Shannon Parry (C) – Queensland Reds
  8. Grace Hamilton – New South Wales Waratahs
  9. Layne Morgan – New South Wales Waratahs
  10. Arabella McKenzie – New South Wales Waratahs
  11. Lori Cramer – New South Wales Waratahs
  12. Sharni Williams – Australian Rugby Sevens
  13. Georgina Friedrichs – New South Wales Waratahs
  14. Bienne Terita – Australian Rugby Sevens
  15. Pauline Piliae-Rasabale – New South Wales Waratahs


  1. Tania Naden – ACT Brumbies
  2. Emily Robinson – New South Wales Waratahs
  3. Eva Karpani – New South Wales Waratahs
  4. Sera Naiqama – New South Wales Waratahs
  5. Piper Duck – New South Wales Waratahs
  6. Iliseva Batibasaga – New South Wales Waratahs
  7. Cecilia Smith – Queensland Reds
  8. Mahalia Murphy – New South Wales Waratahs

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