Assistant coach Goodman, Alo-Emile & Fidow discuss Samoa v Japan

Assistant coach Goodman, Alo-Emile & Fidow discuss Samoa v Japan

Andrew Goodman, assistant coach

On Pool D:

"It's exciting how wide open the pool is with all the results. Do or die is not the terminology we have used. We have talked about a performance we can be proud of."

On Samoa's growth:

"First of all it is a completely different squad and coaching group from four years ago. We have looked at the historical fixtures between Japan and Samoa and what is going to be important tomorrow.

"We are aware that game [in July when Samoa beat Japan 24-22 in Sapporo] was altered because of the red card and discipline from both sides has been a big factor in the World Cup games so far. The Japanese team are well coached, especially on attack. We have to limit their opportunities in our half. We will be looking to make sure we are really clean with our play."

Paul Alo-Emile, prop (pictured)

On Japan:

"Obviously, it was a really proud day for us when we beat Japan a few months ago. It was the first time in 11 years that we had beaten Japan and so it was a big moment for us. Losing for 11 years against Japan shows it is not an easy feat. They are a tough team and we are aware of their strengths, of key players. But we are also very confident in our game plan. We want to put out a performance we are proud of and winning comes with that."

On playing the Rugby World Cup in France where he plays his club rugby for Stade Francais:

"It's very special to me. I consider France my home now, I have been here for eight years. I have had two kids that were born here in France. I was excited to welcome some of the boys in the team who have never been to France, welcome them to French lifestyle - especially the French food."

On close defeat by Argentina:

"There’s no secret. We were not able to finish certain phases, not able to execute certain skills at the key moments. We approached the game confidently, thinking we had the team and game plan to beat Argentina but unfortunately there were too many mistakes. That is what cost us the game. This week we have been trying to finish those phases and plays and hopefully we can bring that tomorrow against Japan. We have moved on from Argentina."

On the importance of the game for qualifying for the quarter-finals:

"This game is definitely very, very important. So far we are not thinking about any other game so I would say this is the most important game. We are not focusing on England or anything past England. We are ready for Japan. This is one game we really want to win."

Ed Fidow, wing

On what he is bringing to the game:

"Nothing special, I just need to turn up and play my game. I know they have a fast winger. No pressure on me, there’s not a lot of difference. I am just excited to be given this opportunity and take it with my two hands and give it my all tomorrow."

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