Are the British and Irish Lions off to Japan?

Are the British and Irish Lions off to Japan?

A recent report by Japanese website has said that Japan will be elevated to Tier 1 status, making it the first Asian nation to ascend to the sport's top tier.

This comes after Sir Bill Beaumont was reelected as World Rugby's chairman with Japan using their two votes to back the English with the report by saying that Japan's backing of Beaumont came with the promise to promote the national team to Tier 1.

The report goes on to state that a Lions Tour exhibition will also be held in Japan, marking the first time for the team made up of the top players from the four Home Nations will play in Japan.

The promotion to Tier 1 marks an important turning point in Japan's rugby history as the interest in the sport was fading before the World Cup with Tier 1 status further rekindling interest in the game among young athletes and fans.

The British and Irish Lions Tour exhibition is expected to be another boost. The exhibition against Japan's national team, which will precede the games in South Africa, is expected to attract a global audience.

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