Saracens won't be offloading stars says Nigel Wray despite salary cap punishment

Saracens won't be offloading stars says Nigel Wray despite salary cap punishment

Saracens chairman Nigel Wray has insisted the club's team will not have to be ripped apart after being deducted 35 points and fined more than £5million for breaching the salary cap.

The current Premiership and Heineken Cup champions are appealing against the penalty, which after a nine-month investigation concluded they had broken the rules.

The chairman spoke in a video released on Saracen's official Twitter account on Wednesday. 
In the video, Wray said: "Just to clarify, there's no obligation whatsoever to get rid of any players.

"The academy is, in a way, a jewel in our crown and has been greatly responsible for half the England side that got to the World Cup final, and seven of those have been with us for between seven and 10 years, almost since they were kids.


"This is what a caring environment and looking after its people does. You have a band of brothers and I have said it already, but if you think it's about money, you're wrong.

"It's about caring, it's about love, it's about working together, and I'm very proud of all of our players and indeed everybody at Saracens.

"I'm proud of their achievements and I hope there will be many, many more achievements on the field and off."

Wray went on to acknowledge that the club had made administrative errors, and personally took responsibility for that, and said that these errors have been addressed. also reiterated his belief that they had not broken the salary cap by entering into co-investment deals with players.

"Can I repeat once again that investment in a property, we all think we're good at it but believe you me, it can go up and you can make money, it can go down and you can lose money."

"That's a risk. It's not like salary, where somebody gives you the salary at the end of the week and it doesn't go up or down."


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