Richard Cockerill to become Montpellier's new sports boss

Richard Cockerill to become Montpellier's new sports boss

In an interview with the Midi Olympique, the president of the Montpellier club, Mohed Altrad confirms that Philippe Saint-André will take a step back with the sportsman next season.

Philippe Saint-André will focus on more administrative tasks related to the club's image.

"He will do what I do not have time to do in the club, marketing, relationship with partners, representation in the National Rugby League... He will also develop the connection between the training center and the professional team. Philippe will also have a weekly meeting with the leading players to talk to them about the MHR institution, the history of the jersey... He will convey this message: no one is above the institution. ”

It is also Richard Cockerill who will be the boss of the sportsman next season.

"Richard Cockerill will be the sports boss, assisted by Jean-Baptiste Elissalde. Cockerill will take care of the forwards. As for Benson Stanley, he will take charge of the team's defense. Richard Cockerill, Jean-Ba' Elissalde and Philippe Saint-André say a lot of good about it. ”

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