Lancaster talks SA teams in Pro 14 & the Leinster model

Lancaster talks SA teams in Pro 14 & the Leinster model

Stuart Lancaster is in support of the idea of bringing more South African teams into the Pro 14 going forward.

"I think there is scope for development in the Pro14 and there is talk at the moment of potentially more South African sides coming in. I think that would be a positive personally," the Leinster senior coach said.

"I think that would add to the challenge which would be a good thing and without going too much into the evolution of club rugby in the world, I think it would be a good thing really for us."

The 2020-21 Pro 14 is set to kick off this coming weekend with the first 11 rounds featuring only European teams as logistics amid the global pandemic have made the South African teams’ situations challenging.

When asked about the troubling financial conditions that clubs have been thrown into as a result of the Covid pandemic, Lancaster highlighted the Leinster model of nurturing home-grown players – instead of buying foreign talent – as advantageous.

"That is the model of Leinster and I think it's a really good model. It breeds longevity and long-term sustainability," he said.

"You look at teams who have gone on to win European Cups, who were maybe 'buying clubs' - take a Toulon as an example - they have their days in the sun and they have their years.

"But is it sustainable? And I look at Exeter as an example and Toulouse now who are building a homegrown squad with one or two players from outside and I think that's very much the model that Leinster have and should persist with, particularly in the way in which the game is going to be challenged over the next 12, 18 or 24 months with the financial challenges that will face teams. 

"To have a homegrown team, I think, is a real asset."

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