Eddie Jones after Japans loss to England

Eddie Jones after Japans loss to England

"We got 8 new caps today that have all had a fantastic learning experience and sometimes you get a lesson before you get anything else and they got that today"

Eddie Jones spoke to the media after his Japanese team took a 52-17 loss against England on Saturday at Tokyo.

Jones mentioned that he was dissapointed with the result but super pleased with the effort from the players and their iintent on how they wanted to play.

"We are 10 days into a four year project so I am really pleased with the young players and the player that led by example the most was Michael Leitch. He was fantatic"

"The first 15min of the game we had them under pressure and we took the game to England and that was one of the major aims. They only way we can keep teams under pressure for longer is to practice it, there is no magic solution to it."

He mentioned that his young Japanese team will get to a point where they will be able to keep pressure on teams for longer periods in a match"

Japan XV will take on the Maori All Blacks Saturday 29 June 2024.

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