Cheika awaits permission to join Pumas

Cheika awaits permission to join Pumas

Michael Cheika has been barred from joining the Argentinians in camp, pending an application which now rests with Sanzaar and the New South Wales government. The complication has arisen as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic’s effect on travel restrictions.

It was planned that Cheika would join Los Pumas on Tuesday, however, his permission to do so is still forthcoming.

"Mariohas invited Michael Cheika to join the staff and assist the team. We are proud of this. But there is another issue, "Marcelo Loffreda, Argentina's manager, said.

"Cheika lives in Sydney, and it is so important that he could join the team camp with us from the beginning or at the least four days later from our arrival, obviously with a strict protocol and testing negative.

"So, we are asking that to the authorities of Sanzaar, the government and the police of Australia.

"What we are asking the Australian government and the authorities of Sanzaar is to allow us at some point to merge these two quarantines.

"Obviously, we are not going to cause any risk to society, the community or anyone else because we are going to be locked in.

"But we need to be able to train all together at some stage when the first group finishes their period of quarantine. We are asking that this first group [coming from Uruguay] could be able to train with the second group [the Europeans] that will be in quarantine, at least for training."

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