David Gordon Jan 1

Great to see Sean O'Brien back

David Gordon Jan 1

Earls was the standout Irish player on the pitch

Dave J. Jan 1

An absolutely awful game. Yes the ref was picky but that doesn't explain why the best rugby of the night was played by the under 12s at half time.

Bertie E. Jan 1

Itoje had a huge game

Ollie Cohen Jan 1

Big moment for him

Hamish Robertson Jan 1

I didn't even watch the game, just find it interesting that whenever someone says something against the English it's cause they are biased...

Jack Cannell Jan 1

Hahaha, Paul Farrell got owned by Callum wood! #AmazingComeBack.

Bertie E. Jan 1

Agreed awful ref

Andrew Kealy Jan 1

Keith earls at 13, he is a **** defender

Callum Wood Jan 1

Awful game though with an awful ref.